Featured by Sugar Digital on Production Paradise

 I have been working with the talented team over at Sugar Digital for many years. I had the good fortune to have two of my images selected for their Production Paradise Spotlight.

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Interview with Alison McCreery at POP!

 To see the interview, please click here.


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WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT | 5th Annual Photography Masters Cup 2011

Sitting in Sydney, Australia and just got the fantastic news that five of my images placed in the 5th Annual Photography Masters Cup. Going now to have a drink by the beautiful harbor.

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Selected to be in Communication Arts Photo Annual 2011

“After a 3 hour hike up and along a steep mountain I reached “Kjeragbolten,” a boulder wedged in a mountain crevasse.  Kjeragbolten is located on the west coast of Norway at the very beginning of a fjord called “Lysfjorden,” close to Stavanger.  Just below the boulder is a nerve-wracking 1000 meter drop straight  down into the fjord.  The subject of the photograph, a young adventurer from Stavanger, did all sorts of acrobatic moves in the rain, jumping up and down on the boulder as if he was on solid ground. It was a perfect moment to capture the dramatic scenery with his fearless moves, a surreal moment that lasted a fraction of a second. The work was done for an adventurous lifestyle request by Getty Images.”



“A lot of the artistry that happens in an image nowadays is done I post production, which gives you an opportunity to create layers to further extend the story telling, the mood and the colour palette; to take an image in a direction beyond the naked “negative.”  For much of my post-production, Adam Moore, a retouching artist whose company Sugar Digital provides much of the post-production for my work, infuses the images with a special look and feel, often elevating a simple moment frozen in time with a heightened sense of special timelessness.  His work on the image with Kjeragbolten reflects a sensory duality, the fragility and danger of a man in the elements coupled with this man’s self-awareness and defiance of this position.  Moments like these, which offer a contrast in a moment, are images I feel that can have a strong impact on the viewer.”



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International Color Awards | Photography Masters Cup Winner 2010

 The Samba that the world knows is through the Brazilian Carnival, punctuated by spectacular performances overflowing with glitz and feathers and costumes. Samba has its roots in Brazil via the West African slave trade; a dance that started in the favelas of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro has now become an icon of Brazilian national identity.


But Samba is so much more complex. In Brazil people are practically born dancing and Samba is such a vital part of the culture. It can be energetic, sophisticated and also sad. I wanted to capture a different side in a quiet, calm and beautiful moment.



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Production Paradise Spotlight July 2011


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Aliona Underwater

“In the famous painting ‘Primavera,’ the artist, Sandro Botticelli,  draped the female subjects in a translucent chiffon to highlight the contour of their bodies and create a romanticized angelic feel.  This was one of the inspirations for the underwater images I took of Aliona a week before she was due to deliver her baby.”

“The inside of the pool had a gray/blue tone cement finish which gave a beautiful background to work with, plus perfect weather created gorgeous natural lighting conditions underwater. We experimented with different colored chiffons but the white one felt more ethereal and aesthetically compelling against the blue water, and also enhanced the shape of her belly. 9 month pregnant Aliona worked with grace despite the extra weight she was carrying, and at the end of the second day Aleksandr was kicking quite a bit (he was tired too).

Sugar Digital retouching company sprinkled their consistent magic dust to finalize the images.”

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APA 2010 Something Personal

“The inspiration for this image comes from one of the most popular Norwegian artists, Theodor Kittelsen.   His work evokes the legends and fairytale stories I grew up with, tales of moody and mystical Nordic environments brimming with depictions of trolls, princesses and nature.”

“These two girls look like they are in a scene from one of Kittelsen’s paintings. All that is missing is a troll surfacing in the water…”


“Post production work was done by Sugar Digital. In my opinion, Adam is a true genius at bringing the most powerful essence of an image to light.  He has an exceptional vision, and knows how navigate the look and feel and colour palette to craft a final image that transcends the original.”


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