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Tahoe Blue

April 14, 2016 Caterina Bernardi

We went on a road trip to Tahoe  for my daughter, Kaya, to see snow for the first time and have some fun.

As most kids do, she ate a lot of snow, only to come home and eat ice from the freezer. 

In Tahoe we visited a friend from college whom I had not seen in 17 years, whose daughter I photographed.  She has the most piercing green-blue eyes, beautifully framed by her fuzzy winter hoodie.  Kaya made her first snowman that day too, and wanted to take him home with us when we were leaving.

Sand Harbour is one of the most scenic locations in Tahoe, where we had long lasting snowball fights, took lots of pictures, and had a blast.


Tahoe_Flatten _X7A8512


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Birthday Celebration at Hitra.

March 24, 2016 Caterina Bernardi

I found these images from a birthday celebration last year and it brought back such sweet memories.

Sina turned 7 and we had a so much fun!


Deadpool VFX breakdown reel.

March 16, 2016 Caterina Bernardi


My husband, Guido Muzzarelli’s shots on Atomic Fiction‘s VFX breakdown reel.

Guido also did 1/2 of the CG camera work and layout on the 5 min sequence. What you are seeing is about 1/4 of the sequence.

Watch on big screen for the amazing details.
“Cool Atomic Fiction VFX breakdown reel. A bunch of my shots are in there, the motorcycle rider, SUV crash and slow motion rollover, and jumping shooting Deadpool. Such a great team to work with at Atomic!”




Teen Adventure

February 25, 2016 Caterina Bernardi

This project was a library shoot of teen bikers photographed on location in San Francisco; Love, fun, surf, biking, adventure, friendship, nature and freedom.



Faces of Brazil.

December 3, 2015 Caterina Bernardi


This shoot took place at a house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Avenida Niemeyer, a road that hugs the coast overlooking the Atlantic ocean. With an amazing and diverse group of talent, that makes up the people of Brazil, made our casting beautiful. My assistant was from The City of God, a suburb in Rio, which is also the title of the famous Academy Award Nominated movie, Cidade de Deus. (they used the city as a backdrop in the movie.)

All the children in the portrait shoot were cast from City of God, and they were the most graceful, well behaved and patient children I have ever photographed. One girl was quite sick, but she wanted to be photographed so badly she smiled the whole time with such grace and effort, that is hard to describe with words.

Back in the 1990’s I had the opportunity to live in Rio, Brasília, the capital, and an island off Salvador in Bahia. The flavours, places and smells of Brazil felt so familiar, although I had never been there before, it was as if I spent a past life there. It’s one of those inexplicable experiences in life that makes it so magic.




A blast from the past; my mom in Italy.

November 6, 2015 Caterina Bernardi

Fun pictures from studio Aldo and Giancolombo.





Backside of images.





Abandoned House.

October 18, 2015 Caterina Bernardi

This is an abandoned house we found where things were left in the same state since the late 60’s. I was taking interior shots by myself when I felt someone’s presence in there, like a ghost from the past. I could not shake it off until I left. Spooky.



Then this light came through the clouds. Some old soul was wandering around.

First day shooting in Lofoten.

September 23, 2015 Caterina Bernardi


This image was taken at the foot of Kalle mountain in Lofoten and Elena almost got pneumonia from the ice cold water.Elena is from a town in Siberia which is around the same latitude as Lofoten, hence her fierce princess powers.



Ice cold water.

Flying low over the coast north of the arctic circle in Norway.

September 22, 2015 Caterina Bernardi


Leaving Lofoten I flew Widerøe Airline from Bodø to Trondheim where I spotted this island that has what looks like a “face” in it.

There were thousands of islands dotted along the coast with beautiful aqua green water and white sandy beaches.

_X7A3837_b-RecoveredEaster Island.

Lofoten fairytale.

September 18, 2015 Caterina Bernardi

Part of my summer was spent in Lofoten, Norway.  Lofoten is an archipelago north of the arctic circle that has aqua green waters and white sandy beaches, hence we call it the arctic Hawaii. Lofoten has some of the most beautiful and dramatic nature I have ever seen, and I always discover new places and people there. This image was taken close to a popular surfing beach where the season starts in early fall and goes through the winter time. Who would have guessed…? Lofoten is magical.


Looking back at Mœrvoll.



This is Elena and I at almost midnight he day we arrived in Lofoten. The sun never sets in summer, so you have eternal light 24 hours a day. The midnight sun had just dipped behind the mountain.


11914251_10153031277266806_3216794787735251841_oNanuk is a Samoyed dog that originates from Siberia where nomadic reindeer herders bred the fluffy white dogs. Nanuk was the keeper of the place we stayed at.



Our old fisherman’s house with a white sandy beach.


IMG_2180Contemplating the view at Reinebringen.


885998_889504061105059_1477048506841501651_oWe discovered abandoned houses where things were left for decades untouched. Receipts and magazines from the 1960’s and 70’s gave us a clue for when people left the houses. Image by Elena Zhukova.


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