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September 14, 2011 Caterina Bernardi



Aliona Underwater

September 14, 2011 Caterina Bernardi

“In the famous painting ‘Primavera,’ the artist, Sandro Botticelli,  draped the female subjects in a translucent chiffon to highlight the contour of their bodies and create a romanticized angelic feel.  This was one of the inspirations for the underwater images I took of Aliona a week before she was due to deliver her baby.”

“The inside of the pool had a gray/blue tone cement finish which gave a beautiful background to work with, plus perfect weather created gorgeous natural lighting conditions underwater. We experimented with different colored chiffons but the white one felt more ethereal and aesthetically compelling against the blue water, and also enhanced the shape of her belly. 9 month pregnant Aliona worked with grace despite the extra weight she was carrying, and at the end of the second day Aleksandr was kicking quite a bit (he was tired too).

Sugar Digital retouching company sprinkled their consistent magic dust to finalize the images.”

APA 2010 Something Personal

September 14, 2011 Caterina Bernardi

“The inspiration for this image comes from one of the most popular Norwegian artists, Theodor Kittelsen.   His work evokes the legends and fairytale stories I grew up with, tales of moody and mystical Nordic environments brimming with depictions of trolls, princesses and nature.”

“These two girls look like they are in a scene from one of Kittelsen’s paintings. All that is missing is a troll surfacing in the water…”


“Post production work was done by Sugar Digital. In my opinion, Adam is a true genius at bringing the most powerful essence of an image to light.  He has an exceptional vision, and knows how navigate the look and feel and colour palette to craft a final image that transcends the original.”


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